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Flights & Hotels

Flight Reservations & Ticketing

The Last of the Travel Dinosaurs?

Nobody books their flights through a travel agent nowadays, do they?

In fact, many people do.

  • They simply don’t have the time to browse the thousands of different websites offering dozens of different itineraries.
  • They don’t have the patience to learn that their debit card verification has been timed out for the 28th time in the last hour.
  • They really can’t be bothered with printing their own tickets and checking through all the terms, conditions and cancellation clauses.
  • They want to pay by cash or cheque.
  • And some are even looking to get the best deal.

At Suntravel, we have been booking and ticketing flights for our customers since 1988. We can’t always guarantee to find a cheaper flight than you would, but we should be just as cheap and won’t waste half a day of your valuable time finding that out.

We also have established working relationships with many major airlines, so we can often get all kinds of value-added benefits that you will never even hear about when book yourself. We aren’t the only ones who think so, either. Take a look at this article by MoneyTalks and watch the video.

Best of all, you only need to call us and we will do all the hard work. The cost? We charge you exactly what the airline charges us, plus a very modest  service fee:

  • RM 20 per person for flights within Sarawak
  • RM 40 per person for flights to/from rest of Malaysia
  • RM 40 per person for flights to/from Singapore
  • RM 75 per person for all international flights

Sorry to inform you that we are unable to reserve tickets for the majestic Pan Am China Clipper shown in this page’s header flying over San Francisco Bay. Sadly, none of the aircraft survive from this historic era of luxurious air travel.

Hotel Reservations

“Madam, heating is extra if you book online.”

We haven’t heard that one yet, fortunately, but we have heard horror stories about rooms overlooking car parks, leaking air-conditioners, windows the size of handkerchiefs, and so on. It’s a well-known fact that you can get excellent room rates when you book through aggregators or directly with the hotel itself. However, it’s a less well-known fact that hotels tend to give their worst rooms to people who pay the least.

If you book with Suntravel, we can offer hotel rates that match some of the lowest on the Web, with the best possible room quality for your money. We have contract rates with many leading hotels in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, and they are keen to keep our business. The only way they can do that is by keeping our customers happy. Further afield, we deal with reputable overseas agents who are equally concerned about customer satisfaction.

If you are a regular guest at a hotel that clearly values your business and offers you attractive rates, book direct by all means. If you are not, let us take care of your booking while you benefit from great rates and excellent service, all at nett prices and with no hidden extras. All you have to do is call us.

The lady complaining at the reception counter is of course the brilliant Greta Garbo, starring in Grand Hotel (1932). If you want to experience the atmosphere and timeless luxury of a 19th Century grand hotel, you could always try the one pictured in the page header, Le Château Frontenac in Montreal, Canada. We can offer you great rates.