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Taiwan – The Crouching Tiger

Taiwan the Crouching Tiger by Siva Lingam Taiwan is known as one of the four Asian Tigers. Perhaps this Taiwanese folk tale may shed some light on why. A Tigress Witch (Hoko Po) A long time ago, many people in Taiwan believed in different spirits; gods and goddesses, ghosts and witches. They believed in the SunGod, MoonGod, EarthGod, RockGod, TreeGod, and even animal gods and goddesses. They even believed that …Read More

Archbishop Bolly Lapok

Datuk Bolly Puts Malaysia’s Anglicans On The Map Whenever lists of famous people from Sarawak are published, it’s always those in arts, entertainment and sport who head the list, such as singer-songwriter Zee Avi, film director Tsai Ming Ling, Olympic diver Pandalela Rinong, actor Tony Eusoff or any one of at least a dozen highly successful artists and designers. However, if a list of Sarawakians most successful in their chosen …Read More