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Accommodation Along The Camino

Accommodation along the Camino

Rustic HotelOur accommodation is selected based on a number of criteria, including location, comfort, services, price and character. We always try to book accommodation that is both on or near the Camino and also close to the historical quarter or centre of the town or city, as the Camino usually passes through the heart of each town or city.

In larger towns, which are usually at the beginning and end of each section, we book hotels of a 3-star standard. In smaller towns, villages and hamlets in between the larger towns, we choose hotels or guesthouses of a 2-star standard.


Heritage HotelHowever, there could be some exceptions to this rule, for example, in some small villages, our selection depends on local infrastructure and it may happen that the only possibility is a non-rated guesthouse. This does not mean it is not up to our standards; only that it does not have an official classification, which is usually due to the rural and remote nature of parts of the Camino.

Given the reasons stated above, we firmly believe that a 2-star hotel located in the historical centre is a better choice than a 3-star hotel located in the outskirts of the town at a distance from the Camino. If our first choice is not available, we will use another accommodation of the same standard and price. If there is no such accommodation available, we may contact you to offer either an upgrade at a premium, or a downgrade with a refund, again based on local infrastructure in each area.

We are determined to provide our customers with the best available accommodation on the Camino.

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